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We present you the Latin American Journal of Physics Education (LAJPE) ISSN 1870-9095, a new on-line journal devoted to Physics Education and related topics. The idea to create such journal was born in the World Year Physics 2005. The first issue of LAJPE appeared in September 2007. The journal is peer-reviewed and sponsored by the Latin American Physics Education Network (LAPEN) LAJPE is published four times yearly (March, June, September and December) and accepts papers in Spanish, English, and Portuguese. The journal is distributed freely using an email list and also it can be downloaded free of charge from the LAJPE website in PDF format. The sections of the journal are: 1) Letters to Editor, 2) Notes and Discussions, 3) Research papers, 4) Reviews, 5) Book reviews, 6) Meetings on Physics Education.

The journal is supported by LAPEN and private funding. The Advisory International Board and Editorial Board are formed by distinguished Professors and Researchers of many countries and members of the International Commission of Physics Education (ICPE-IUPAP).




A publication sponsored by the Latin American Physics Education Network.


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