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Content of Volume 6 Number 2 June 2012


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Cover [PDF]
Index [PDF]
Editorial [PDF]

Surveying Thai freshmen science students’ background knowledge of basic properties of laser beam [PDF]

Jintawat Tanamatayarat, Kwan Arayathanitkul, Narumon Emarat, Ratchapak Chitaree and Thanida Sujarittham [PDF]
Effect of instructional interventions on students learning gains: An experimental research [PDF]
Tesfaye Getinet [PDF]
Dynamical variables in brachistochrone problem [PDF]
A. Tan, A. K. Chilvery and M. Dokhanian [PDF]
Numerical study of pendulums: From the simple pendulum approximation to the damped physical pendulum with variable mass [PDF]
R. Espíndola-Heredia, G. del Valle and G. Hernández [PDF]
Some considerations on quantities of dimension one in oscillatory motions [PDF]
Leonardo Gariboldi [PDF]
Investigation of Atwood’s machines according to inertia and non inertia frames [PDF]
Jafari Matehkolaee Mehdi, Mirzaee Mahdi [PDF]
Characterization of sandwiched piezoelectric transducers - a complement for teaching electric circuits [PDF]
F. J. Arnold, L. L. Bravo-Roger, M. S. Gonçe;alves, M. Grilo [PDF]
Thermodynamics of Planck oscillator in microcanonical ensemble [PDF]
Prabitha, V. V., Vibha, A. V., R. K. Sathish, K. M. Udayanandan [PDF]
Thermodynamics of solar energy channels over the globe [PDF]
D C Agrawal [PDF]
Comparison between gravitational and inertial mass: Two experiments with Real Time Laboratory [PDF]
Giacomo Torzo, Barbara Pecori [PDF]
Trains, clocks, rulers, twins: Images in relativity teaching [PDF]
Leandro Londero da Silva, Maria José Pereira Monteiro de Almeida [PDF]

The Landau-Lifshitz equation for a central field in General Relativity [PDF]

A. Avalos-Vargas, G. Ares de Parga [PDF]

Perpendicularity between speed of light and time in the Kaluza-Klein theory [PDF]

Adrián G. Cornejo [PDF]
Inextensible flows of S - s surfaces of biharmonic S-curves according to Sabban frame in Heisenberg Group Heis^3 [PDF]
Talat Körpinar and Essin Turhan [PDF]

Un tratamiento alternativo para el análisis de colisiones no relativistas con parámetro de impacto dado [PDF]

S. Díaz-Solórzano, L. González-Díaz y A. Rincón-Rivero [PDF]

Didáctica experimental: Un modelo de enseñanza para el concepto de campo electromagnético [PDF]

Rafael Andrés Alemañ Berenguer, Estrella Jornet Gil, Pedro David Crespo Miralles [PDF]
Nivel cognitivo y las habilidades de análisis de demostraciones de electrostática de estudiantes universitarios [PDF]
Renato Xochitiotzi Hernández, Adrián Corona Cruz, Josip Slisko Ignjatov [PDF]
Formación de profesores de bachillerato en competencias específicas de la física utilizando cursos intersemestrales en el IPN [PDF]
Mario H. Ramírez Díaz, Miguel Olvera Aldana [PDF]
Habilidades cognitivas y la resolución de un problema de cinemática: Un estudio comparativo entre los estudiantes de secundaria, bachillerato y universidad [PDF]
Adrián Corona Cruz, Maribel Sánchez Campos, Emma González Hernández y Josip Slisko [PDF]
Concepción y desarrollo de un curso de Física General en modalidad de estudio semipresencial para una carrera de Ingeniería Industrial [PDF]
A. Bonnin-Garcés, B. Fariñas-Piña, G. Vega-Cruz, J. Llovera-González [PDF]

Radiative lifetime and internal quantum efficiency of silicon nanostructures: Model Calculation [PDF]

Sioma Debela Gosa and S. K. Goshal [PDF]
Electrical Properties of Nanostructure Tin Oxide Thin Film Doped with Copper Prepared by Sol-Gel Method [PDF]
M. A. Batal, G. Nashed, Fares Haj Jneed [PDF]

A density functional theory (DFT) study of Co2CrGe: LSDA method [PDF]

D. P. Rai and R. K. Thapa [PDF]

The Response of Ethiopian Ionosphere to the Magnetic Storm of 11 October 2008 [PDF]

T. Kassa, B. Damtie and E. Yizengaw [PDF]

The role of trap depth and trap centers in thermoluminescence from semiconductor nanostructures (Review article) [PDF]

Nebiyu Gemechu Debelo [PDF]


Juan Miguel Suay Belenguer [PDF]



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