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General considerations:

1. To edit equations, it is recommended to use the Mathtype program of the company Design Science.

2. Always keep the journal format (do not change it).

3. Respect the journal spacing space (do not modify it). The space between lines of the magazine is "0 pto", never use "automatic" or any other type of space between lines.

4. Do not saturate your article with unnecessary figures.

5. Do not alter the format of figures in the magazine. Respect the format. The official font size is 9 points. The space between the figure and its title with annotations is 9 points too. The space between the area of the figures and the text before and after the figure is two blanks at 10 points (whenever possible).

6. The numbering of main sections is in Roman numerals, in font "bold" and to 11 points. The "Acknowledgments" and "References" sections are not numbered.

7. Respect the format for references. (LAJPE does not follow the APA format, has its own format, follow it carefully).

8. Respect the dating format, and do not alter it. (LAJPE does not use APA).

9. Historically, the LAJPE reference format was initially inspired by that of the journal Am. J. Physc. (AJP). Although its format is not strictly that of the magazine, it has certain similar characteristics.

10. The magazine does not accept articles with Padlocks since they can not be edited and prevents the material from being published.


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